Christmas-greetings 2011

from Brit-Lajla og Rudolf


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Christmas 2011

Dear friends!

Last November, Brit Lajla and I were in La Paz, Bolivia. One afternoon we were visiting an old monastery / church located in the center of the town. When we got up in the bell tower, suddenly we hear children's voices singing Christmas carols outside. Despite summer temperatures, and rather un-Norwegian setting, it was clear that Christmas was approaching, also in Bolivia. We went for a walk around the area, and there was even a Santa Claus in place.

The coming of Jesus is celebrated almost throughout the world. 2000 years ago, he asked his disciples to go out to the end of the world, and it is almost fulfilled. It is JESUS we celebrate: not as a little child, but as the king of kings.

This first year as seniors, we have been active. We have both worked around 20% at Larvik Hospital, which has been very pleasant, both professionally and socially.

In March, we visit Værøy, where Rudolf lived his first 9 years. It has long been a desire to experience Værøy at winter. It was very interesting be there. In one day it could change between spring and winter with snow and wind. We had many trips around the island, and met many friends from the past. It was pleasant to be with all our friends in the Pentecostal Church.

In May, Rudolf went to Paraguay to follow-up an book project among the Indians. It's always nice to come back to Paraguay. This time it was 200-year celebration from the 14th and 15 May for liberation from Spain. There was a lot of festivities, many concerts and parades that one could join. It was great to see Paraguay in this way.

In June we went to northern Norway. We traveled through Sweden. But heavy rain and sometimes boring roads, meant that we drove over to the Saltdalen in Nordland. We wnt first to Hustad in Gildeskål and visited Rudolfs aunt Haldis (90 years). It's always nice to come back to the "childhood-kingdom". Then we went to Tromsø to be with Aud, Brit-Lajlas sister. Driving over the mountains to Tromsø was great. There was some snow there, so the mountains were a beautiful sight!

From Tromsø we went to Narvik to Brit-Lajlas aunt Laila. There we meet a part of the family, which was really nice. Next stop was Tranøy on Hamarøy. It is always both good and sad to get there: There is a great natur, but also sad in terms of everything that is no more. We spent many summers here with the parents of Brit Lajla.

Bodo was the next stop, and we met many friends from the time we lived there. To experience such a great summer in the north, is a great experience!

It is good to have all our children and grandchildren around us. The grandchildren are 7 in number, the ages 2.5 years to 15 Above you see Leila, Gabriel, Taina, Celine, Patrick, Christian, Alexander. Celine and Taina started first grade this year.

The 27 September died Bengt Axell, the father of our son in law, David. He and his wife Laura have been missionaries in Argentina and Paraguay. Rudolf was at the funeral in Denmark.

In October went Brit-Lajla and I to Paraguay for both follow-up of the book prosject and to visit friends around. There were many long journeys, but very nice to meet people we know. We finished the trip in Bolivia.

We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With kind regards,





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  Here we are...on the roof of a church in La Paz