Christmas greetings 2014

from Brit-Lajla and Rudolf

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Christmas 2014

Dear friends!!

It is a pleasure to send you a little Christmas greeting!
It seems that the time between two "Christmases" become shorter and shorter, but it is a common experience since one gets older ...?
We are all well, and the past year has been a good year for us all. Although we are seniors, the days are filled with various activities. The grandchildren are visiting us every day, its very nice. Likewise we are often together with our children and in-laws, as they lives nearby.
Alexander turned 18 years and is the happy owner of driver's license, and not to forget Maria, his great love from Island !! He goes last year in high school.
Christian is now 16, and takes the first year of the high school. They are  both paticipation in the youth environment in the church of Betania.

Patrick is eleven years and Celine nine years. In the same house as us lives Gabriel, 7 years, and Taina, 9 years. In Sandvika, Oslo lives Leila, 5 years old, and Ava who is 2.5 years, with their parents, Hosna and Ariel. In addition, we expect a new grandchild in February. There is much joy with these grandchildren!


Otherwise Rudolf worked quite a bit in the anesthesia department at the Larvik hospital. It's great to meet colleagues, and maintain such a part of anesthesia knowledge. Brit Lajla has had a few guards on medical outpatient clinic.


There is a fair amount of work in relation to projects in Paraguay (on behalf of the mision-office PYM), and in the congregation.

In February we went to Paraguay. The first week we visited friends around. Then we traveld two weeks
with teachers from Telemark, Norway. Having been around in Asuncion, we headed east to the big waterfalls, Foz do Iguazu. It's always great to get there !! (see the video fro Foz do Iguazu). We then went southwards to Encarnacion to visit the Jesuit ruins. Jesuits (Catholic Mission) had a great work there on 1600 - 1700's, but had to give up it all, and after them there are many cities abandoned in the jungle ...

So we went to the north, up to Pedro Juan Caballero, on the boder of Brazil.
Northern Paraguay is quite hilly and beautiful. On tour back to Asuncion, we visited the town Chore, and there was a inauguration of a large church. The inauguration was also a great musical experience!!

You can see something from the traveling in the videos..


When the group returned home to Norway, we took the bus to Brazils border (Foz do Yguazu), and from there we fly to Northern Brazil, to a town called Joao Pessoa, where we have some friends. It was great to get there, and pleasant to meet friends again!
In the s
ummer we had a few trips around the eastern Norway. we visited friends and some camps.

At such places we always meets friends from near and far, which is nice.
We had a
great summer and autumn with good and warm weather.


In December Taina and Celine participated in a big production in Bølgen Kulturhus. There was about 600 kids participating.

Christmas we will celebrate together with our children, in-laws and grandchildren. It is very nice!

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year with a this words (Bible) from Zechariah praise:

Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us, To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.


Greetings from





God jul!!

Godt nytt år!!





Leila and Ava











Taina and Celine on the showe in Bølgen Kulturhus



Taina, Gabriel, Rosi and Ruben in Spain

Elisabeth and David in London

Alexander and Maria



Hosna and Ariel


Some films from our travel in 2014: